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Posture And Peak Health

Most people aren't aware of the relationship between posture and good health. In fact, most people think posture is the way one consciously chooses to stand or sit. We've all been told to "sit up straight", but in reality, your posture is the balance and alignment of your body under gravity. This alignment is dictated [...]

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Achieving Wellness

Did you know that second by second, your body is breaking down? Did you also know that second by second, your body is rebuilding itself? When the breaking down process exceeds the rebuilding process, your body is in a state of "dis-ease" (a lack of ease). Your body is NOT performing as it should. This [...]

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Sitting, Misalignments, and Back Pain

Did you know that more than 2 hours of consecutive sitting is considered a mild spinal strain? Long hours of sitting can jeapordize the lumbar spine and can even be felt up in the neck. Pain is felt as a result of the curves in your spine straightening, deforming and damaging the ligaments in your [...]

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Beating the Bugs – Cold and Flus

Have you ever wondered why some people are more prone to repeated colds and flus? How is it that even though we are all exposed to the same environment with the same "bugs," some immune systems have to work harder, therefore displaying more symptoms? Well, let's get one thing straight - symptoms aren't the problem. [...]

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A Golfer’s Handicap

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, many people will be hitting the golf courses again. Although golfing can provide great pleasure, it can also be a source of discomfort and pain. Do you find that your golfing performance is restricted by spinal or joint pain? Do you experience back pain or joint stiffness following [...]

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Health Secret Revealed

We were all born with amazing capability. Our bodies were created to heal themselves. From the moment of our conception until we take our final breath, our bodies are constantly engaged in the process of renewal. This innate (inborn) function of regenerating life force is what I call "the healer within." It all begins with [...]

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When Pain Prevents Sports Performance!

Ireland 's most common sports are also some of the roughest and most physically taxing. It's no wonder many athletes in this country face problems like low back pain, pain between the shoulders, neck pain, hamstring and groin injuries, and back stiffness. Repeated impacts to the body can cause the bones of the spinal column [...]

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I Can’t – I’ve got a Bad Back

Have you ever heard someone say "oh I can't do that, I have a bad back". What causes a "bad back" and what can be done about it? A "bad back" is usually an indication of a chronic, longstanding injury or problem that was never detected or corrected when it first began. Often "bad back" [...]

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What Does “Prevention” Mean To You?

Recently I had a patient consult me because he always feels stiff and sore this time of the year after gardening or golfing, and finds that the morning after his favourite pastimes, he feels "crippled" and "can hardly get out of bed". He felt he was "reliant on pain tablets". My suspicion of osteoarthritis was [...]

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Millions of people suffer from headaches regularly. They are among the most common complaint prompting people to treat themselves or seek help. Oftentimes sufferers feel pain behind the eyes, in the temples, or at the base of the skull. Many sufferers experience pain radiate up from the neck and shoulders and feel that their head [...]

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