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“Couch Potatoes” Beware

Did you know that more than 2 hours of continuous sitting is considered a mild spinal strain? Long hours of sitting can jeapordize the lumbar spine and can even be felt up in the neck. Pain is felt as a result of the curves in your spine straightening, deforming and damaging the ligaments and discs [...]

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Sickness Care v Wellness Care

A wide swing in the pendulum is occurring regarding healthcare in Ireland. I believe many of us are moving away from our present "sickness care" system (where we wait until illness strikes and then look to treat it with answers from outside our bodies), to a "wellness care" system, (where we work with the power [...]

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Pain – A Ringing Fire Alarm

Pain is always due to nerve irritation at some level in the body. When nerves are irritated, they conduct messages that are interpreted by the brain as different types of pain - burning, aching, throbbing, etc. It's the body's way of bringing conscious awareness to an underlying health problem. Many irritations aren't felt until a [...]

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The Recipe For Health

I don't get it! I exercise regularly, I eat healthy food, I take my vitamins and supplements, I get my 8 hours of sleep a night, I drink loads of why don't I feel 100% all the time? Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? There appears to be a well-known recipe for [...]

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Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Pain

Many people suffer needlessly from neck discomfort. Sometimes the pain radiates to the tops of the shoulders and even down as far as the hands. The pain usually gets progressively worse over a period of time and can begin to affect the activities that we enjoy most in the summer. Over time, the pain can [...]

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Whiplash Symptoms can be Deceiving

Many people who suffer from the effects of whiplash are unaware of their injury at the time of the accident. Everyone recognizes the symptoms of a severe whiplash, the type of injury that happens in an automobile accident when the head is snapped in a forward and then backward motion. Few people however realize that [...]

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Sports activities and Pain

Are aches and pains holding you back from your favorite activity? Whether it's hurling, football, golf, jogging, or hill walking, many people are held back because of pain. Often that means reducing the time spent participating per week. Or sometimes it means taking painkillers or anti-inflammatories before or after you play, just to get by [...]

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I’ve been told it’s “Just Muscular”!

So often I hear new patients, seeking relief from a long term problem, say that they were told their problem was just muscular. They had sought conventional care, had been given tablets for inflammation and pain, and maybe even had an x-ray ordered, which was dismissed as clear. The pain, stiffness, and inflammation continued until [...]

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