Did you know that second by second, your body is breaking down? Did you also know that second by second, your body is rebuilding itself? When the breaking down process exceeds the rebuilding process, your body is in a state of “dis-ease” (a lack of ease). Your body is NOT performing as it should. This invariably leads to a decline in health. However, when the rebuilding process exceeds the breaking down process, your body is in a state of wellness and therefore performing at its optimum. Health and healing are happening. The rebuilding process is under the direct control, and dependent upon, nerve supply. To achieve wellness, you must ensure that the nervous system is fully empowered to perform the automatic, routine maintenance necessary to support the rebuilding process. This is the primary goal of a wellness chiropractic check-up, which focuses on the relationship between your spine and the function of your nervous system.

It seems most people have two thoughts on health. One is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. The other is “if it is broke, fix it fast”. This is shocking. I believe people take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies. We could all be much healthier if we had easy-to-read, hard-to-ignore sensors like those found in cars. If the oil pressure is low, the oil light comes on. If the temperature is too high, the temperature light comes on. If the engine light comes on, stop the car!

The human body has sensors. Many people ignore these internal sensors until the “engine light” comes on. Internal sensors may be as simple as poor sleeping patterns, digestive problems, muscle pain, or headaches. Unfortunately, most people wait until problems disrupt their daily living before acting. Some choose to mask these sensors with medication. Would you remove the battery from a smoke detector because the noise was irritating and ignore what caused the alarm to go off in the first place?