Our personalised initial consultation features:

  • Full spine & nervous system exam
  • Posture assessment
  • Postural neurology testing
  • Functional neurology testing (when needed)
  • Brain-based Chiropractic approach with a neuroplasticity focus

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“Because you are unique and so are we.”

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Chiropractor Cork

Welcome to Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Douglas, Cork

Established in 2003, in Douglas, Cork, we are Ireland’s first Wellness Clinic offering Chiropractic, Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology all under one roof. Our Chiropractors focus on leading-edge personalised treatments with a full understanding that you are unique. We listen, we care and are committed to doing what we can to help you. After a thorough evaluation, if we feel that we cannot help, we would be the first to let you know.

The last few decades have witnessed an incredible amount of evidence appearing in the top peer-reviewed journals in the world, medical texts and books, advocating a revolution in healthcare – one focused on personalised medicine. In this regard, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, and Functional Neurology surface as beacons of light. Personalised medicine is embraced at Total Health Chiropractic Cork. You are a unique individual so it only makes common sense that your treatment be unique and customised to you. We continue to do all that we can to lead and educate our community about optimal health and how it can be achieved. Since 2003, our Douglas, Cork clinic has helped many thousands of people recover from a wide range of health conditions. Our aim is to explain clearly our 21st century brain-based Chiropractic approach and how this can create benefits in your life. The science of Chiropractic today does not position it as another form of alternative therapy, but rather an evidence-based distinct and necessary element in everyone’s quest for wellness.

Embracing wellness through a Chiropractic lifestyle is an idea who’s time has come. Patients like yourself have taken the time to share their health and wellness transformations with you. You will find their testimonials inspiring. We encourage you to watch their videos and read their stories. We welcome you to join our community and look forward to helping you and your family.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Douglas, Cork clinic.

Your Cork Chiropractor – Dr Tim Jaeger, DC, IFMCP, CPN, ROHP, RNCP

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Our Chiropractor Cork Clinic Specialises in

Back Pain
Low Back Pain
neck pain
Neck Pain
Headaches Migraines
vertigo dizziness
herniated bulging disc
Herniated/Bulging Disc
better posture
Better Posture
paediatric childhood health
Paediatric Health
athletic performance
Athletic Performance

Loss of grey matter is directly  associated with pain duration indicating a 1.3cm loss of grey matter for every year of chronic pain. Your back problem can also be a brain problem. Your neck problem can also be a brain problem.

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