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Dylan Murphy
Sports Chiropractic,Rugby

Dominic MacHale
Low Back Pain, Sports

Michael Falcini
Neck Pain, Wellbeing

Sarah Treacy
Energy, Headaches

David Treacy
Immune System Health, Hip Pain

Micháel Coniry
Wellness, Posture

Seamus Coakley
Low Back Pain

Eddie Hogan O’Connell and Family

Before coming into the Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, life was seemingly fine for my 3 little girls. Like any other children, they got the odd bout of colds and flus, but for the most part, they were fine. However, once I introduced them to regular adjustments with Dr Tim, their wellbeing improved significantly. In addition, they LOVE going to see him, and happily jump up onto the table for their monthly adjustment.

Dr Tim and all the staff in the clinic are very friendly and personable. There is a lovely warm atmosphere in the clinic where children are allowed to (and are even encouraged to) be children. We have never been in the clinic without a full belly laugh from Dr Tim, and that speaks volumes. The play area is ideal and it is just a fun place for kids to be.

What sets this clinic apart from others is how (my) children literally run in the door. Even at home when I mention that we are going to Dr Tim’s there is always a collective ‘hoorah!’ My kids get to learn in a friendly and safe environment about the importance of their posture, their health and their overall well-being.

This clinic is one I would recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor, and to anyone who has never been to a chiropractor. Age is irrelevant, as the team here will look after everybody, and they are a truly wonderful team. Chiropractic care is not just for a sore back – my initial misconception over 10 years ago when I started coming here – it is for total lifelong health and wellness.

Daniel Manning

I have been a client of Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic since 2010. I began my journey with a back issue, which caused me difficulty in completing the simplest functions; e.g., standing for a period of time and walking any distance.

I undertook an intensive program of care, which required commitment, patience and a good ear to listen to the professional advice given to me by the team in the clinic.

7 years on I am still attending the clinic and I’m on a wellness program.

The care, attention and professionalism has allowed me to return to living a normal life.

Noreen Cronin and Family

Before I came to the clinic, I was experiencing a lot of soreness from my upper back and sore neck on and off for a few years. I met a chiropractor from this clinic in Douglas Shopping centre and decided to come along for a consultation. Following this I found out I had subluxation. My posture and neck stiffness has improved over the years. Apart from myself, Dr Tim has been very helpful in treating my children for ‘flat head syndrome.’ As well, I find that the clinic is very accommodating when arranging appointments. It’s a very suitable clinic for children as they have a toy room. Appointments are very short too, with very little wait time. I would recommend the clinic as treatments are comprehensive and it is easy to discuss concerns with Dr Tim, he is very approachable and knowledgeable.

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Anita Flam
Anita Flam
09:46 10 Mar 20
I was suffering from headaches and lower back pain on the daily basis. Since i have been attending the Clinic in the last few years i see HUGE improvement. I feel really relief and much better with no pain. These treatments are making a big different in my everyday life. The Clinic is very welcoming and you feel very relaxed while there. All the receptionists are great, helpful and friendly. Dr. Tim is very professional, his skills and knowledges are second to none. I cannot recommend him HIGHLY enough!!
Amelia Mitchell
Amelia Mitchell
14:35 05 Mar 20
I have been seeing Dr Tim regularly (myself and 2 little ones) for about 5 years. Managed to also convince my hubby to also attend and find relief for his issues. Dr Tim is always professional and great at getting my pain and movement and just keep my back literally on the straight and narrow... I found him especially helpful throughout my 2 pregnancies and also having a gentle, patient manner with my children who he just checks very gently on a monthly basis. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are suffering from any issues in your back, neck, hips etc - you don't need to suffer!
Rory Dillon
Rory Dillon
18:21 19 Feb 20
Excellent care and service. In addition to a tailored treatment plan you are provided with an eduction on health and wellness.During my time as a patient I have improved my posture, regained reflexes in my left arm and seen an end to regular headaches. Regular Chiropractic care has help me to achieve health and fitness goals beyond what I could have hoped for before starting treatment.Dr. Tim and the Total Health team deliver a compassionate, friendly and accommodating service. Everyone could benefit from Chiropractic treatment and eduction.
John Jones
John Jones
12:29 07 Feb 20
My first time going to a Chiropractic and OMG UNREAL. Dr Tim Jaeger is so nice and really pleasant. I will be back. From meeting the receptionist to my consultation 100percent couldn't fault anything. I left feeling amazing. Highly recommend. Thank you ALASKA GUY 😂
Noel McCann
Noel McCann
23:05 17 Jan 20
Total Health Chiropractic have provided me with excellent expertise and treatment to swiftly recover from back pain and get back to normal living. Dr. Tim also provides knowledge and advice to minimize risk of injury and most importantly, demonstrates the benefits of ongoing preventative care to maintain a heathy posture and prevent degeneration of the spinal column. This has certainly worked for me and I highly recommend Dr Tim and his team for their excellence care.
Cristina Soto
Cristina Soto
13:33 16 Oct 19
My experience at Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic so far has been highly positive.From the first day I entered the clinic to the present I have always received a warm welcome from Dr Tim and his all his team at reception. They are a lovely staff.I improved a lot my back problems that I have for long time ago. Dr. Tim arranged for x-rays to assess me properly and explained everything before to start my treatment. I started my treatment almost 2 years ago and my overall health improve and I am seeing positive results in terms of pain and postural management.I can not recommend enough the Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic.
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