Meet Our Doctor


Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinic Director
Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
Certified Postural Neurologist
Certified Ergonomist

Having grown up in the rugged beauty of northern Canada and being surrounded by nature, a natural and healthy lifestyle philosophy came easily to Dr Tim. Being influenced by his grandparents, who both lived to be 99 years young, he pursued his dream of becoming someone that can genuinely help others live better lives. In 1998, Dr Tim graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

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Meet the rest of our Team

Aslı Ergil Jaeger BA, CCP

Clinic Director

Aslı spent her childhood years in Montreal, Istanbul and Toronto where she met Dr Tim Jaeger in 1998. She graduated from York University with a BA Honours, Double Majoring in Economics and Mathematics and a Bilingual Excellence Certificate for proficiency in French and English. Aslı worked in the Canadian financial services sector where she rapidly progressed, being promoted to her last role as Director, Investment Product Development at the age of 29. She lead numerous high-performing teams as well as multi-million dollar projects. After leaving the corporate world, Aslı spent a year determining what she wanted to do in life. Her soul-searching journey lead to being part of a greater purpose, being of greater service where she can make a greater difference. She felt inspired to be part of Dr Tim’s mission, speaking to patients and witnessing transformations. She believes in miracles. Aslı moved to Cork with Dr Tim Jaeger and has been involved with the clinic at various levels until she took over the position of Clinic Director with Dr Tim in 2016. Aslı is Dr Tim’s wife and business partner.

Anna Marija Velika

Chiropractic Assistant

Anna Marija moved to Cork from Latvia more than 10 years ago. Positive, confident and spirited, she enjoys bringing positivity with her everywhere she goes. Happy and energetic all the time, she loves making people smile and is always ready to go the extra mile to help. Anna Marija enjoys swimming and reading, especially about health-related topics with a high interest in natural remedies. Highly interested in psychology and human behaviour focused on helping others find their true happiness.