What does health mean to you? The common response is “feeling good” or “not feeling any pain.” Well, sorry to say, but that’s not health!

We all know that nutrition, exercise, emotional and spiritual states affect our health, but without a healthy nerve supply little else matters. The fact is that the function of every cell, tissue, organ, gland and muscle is under the control of your nervous system. To maintain optimal health, function and vitality, the brain must have an unobstructed path for sending messages down the spinal cord to all parts of your body. Misalignments in the spine can put pressure or stress on the spinal cord or the delicate nerve roots that branch off of it, causing messages from your brain to become interrupted, slowed down or blocked.

Vertebral misalignments can occur throughout life and are often caused by accidents, slips, falls, sports injuries, poor posture, bad work habits, repetitive activities, stress, toxins and sometimes even the birthing process itself. Susceptibility to these vertebral misalignments is therefore, an inescapable and natural part of life and is not the true problem. The real problem is the time during which the misalignments in the spine remain undetected and uncorrected. The longer the misalignments remain causing interference in the nervous system and decreased expression of life, the more damage accumulates and the farther you move from optimal health. Suprisingly, 90% of misalignments are silent. They initially cause no symptoms as the body adapts and fights to cope with them.

To illustrate the profound effect of spinal health on overall wellness, consider the study authored by Dr. Henry Windsor, M.D. and published in The Medical Times. Dr. Windsor dissected 75 human cadavers to investigate their causes of death. He traced the nerves from “sick” organs to their origins in the spinal column and found that in 138 of the 139 diseases that were present, there was a correlation between misalignments of the vertebrae and diseases of the internal organs. This is no suprise. It is quite common for disease to progress over many years without any direct signs or symptoms. Disease festers not with age, but with time.

Misalignments corrected through regular chiropractic care could result in less chance for damage. Chiropractic adjustments ignite the body’s healing and communication abilities. Remember, being well is a choice. Wellness is a proactive process, not a reactive event. Why wait until pain sets in, or a disease process to suddenly emerge? Or maybe it’s at the point already when you are getting the warning signs and signals that something is wrong in your body? Now is the time to take action. Make regular deposits into your health account and you will be amazed and blessed with the wealth that comes from wellness.