Ireland ‘s most common sports are also some of the roughest and most physically taxing. It’s no wonder many athletes in this country face problems like low back pain, pain between the shoulders, neck pain, hamstring and groin injuries, and back stiffness. Repeated impacts to the body can cause the bones of the spinal column to shift, placing a great deal of stress on the spinal joints and the nervous system, which is protected and housed within. These spinal misalignments can weaken the spinal joints, further aggravating the problem, and irritate the spinal nerves, causing pain and stiffness. If care is not taken, the pain and stiffness that athletes endure can progress and worsen over time. But it’s not just about pain. The proper function of your spine and nervous system affects every aspect of your health.

Any imbalance in the spine is usually caused by a misalignment process and may be corrected, if tended to appropriately. Chiropractors are successful at treating spinal pain, stiffness, and sport injuries because attention is paid to correcting the cause of the problem. Restoring balance to spinal joints takes pressure off the nervous system, allowing the body to function optimally. Reducing pain and strengthening the nervous system allows athletes to perform at higher levels. If you are an athlete and you suffer from pain and/or stiffness, it is your body’s way of telling you that there is an imbalance. If it is due to spinal misalignments, as in many cases it is, you may be a candidate for corrective Chiropractic care.