Back pain affects so many aspects of life beyond simply dealing with pain. A spine that does not move, bend, lift, or twist as designed makes everything in life more challenging. The adversity and struggle produced by chronic back pain overwhelms millions of people and leads to a dangerous cycle of pharmaceutical drugs, medical care, and surgery which never fully resolve the problem. Chiropractic evidence proves a significant connection between spinal care and reduced pain and the costs for those wanting a permanent solution to chronic back pain.

Low back pain ranks as the leading cause of disability worldwide. Low back pain will affect over eighty percent of people at some point in their lives. Over-the-counter NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) drugs tend to be the first choice for most back-pain sufferers. NSAIDs effectively trade temporary numbing relief for a laundry list of unwanted and dangerous side effects which will manifest over time with long term and frequent consumption. That temporary relief manifests into greater health concerns while never actually relieving the cause and source of the original condition.

Research from a 2015 study compared the outcomes of patients with low back pain after being cared for by Chiropractors versus other non-Chiropractic healthcare providers. Patients who had received Chiropractic care spent a median cost of $712 compared to the $1,992 spent by those choosing treatment from a different provider. These statistics do not take additional indirect costs from lowered productivity into consideration. The amount of money saved by choosing Chiropractic becomes even more amplified when considering the advanced costs of drugs and surgery. Pain-free Chiropractic care pursues a long-term solution to back pain at a fraction of the cost of medical solutions.

Research continues to determine Chiropractic provides the best solution for most back-pain sufferers looking for a permanent, surgery-free solution. Whereas pharmaceutical drugs never address the source of back pain, Chiropractic goes beyond back and neck pain to provide benefits to internal organs and systems which impact overall body health and function. Spinal health directly links to the health and function of the brain and central nervous system. Misalignments in the spine create altered spinal mobility that leads to stress in the nervous system. Chiropractors assess and address spine and nervous system stress through small adjustments proven to improve mobility and increase the lines of neural communication.

The connection between organs and the nervous system produce countless stories of health benefits experienced by Chiropractic patients who may not have otherwise known spinal care provides healing to symptoms and conditions not immediately connected to the spine. Problems relating to immunity, ear infections, digestion, heart disease, breathing, infertility, and so many other ailments have been helped through Chiropractic care. Over 120 years of research continues to produce scientific connections between spine and organ health. Chiropractic focuses on helping the body move and communicate at peak levels of performance. This singular focus improves the body’s natural ability to treat and cure diseases and conditions. Chiropractic removes interference within the body which allows the body to heal itself.

People suffering from back and neck pain certainly benefit from the non-evasive and cost-effective power of Chiropractic care. The power of Chiropractic also offers the opportunity to alleviate and eradicate pain and discomfort for people of all ages and conditions. Nervous system care provides advanced levels of health and vitality which cannot be found through pills and surgery. A commitment to lifelong health and optimal function begins with Chiropractic.


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