Most people aren’t aware of the relationship between posture and good health. In fact, most people think posture is the way one consciously chooses to stand or sit. We’ve all been told to “sit up straight”, but in reality, your posture is the balance and alignment of your body under gravity. This alignment is dictated by the alignment of your spine, because it is your core.

Have you ever seen someone with a large head tilt? What about someone with a head that is way in front of their shoulders, or shoulders that are completely off level? These are postural distortions and are caused by a spine that is out of alignment. Invariably, it is these people with the larger postural imbalances that will end up with larger spinal problems. The health problems usually start with headaches, neck and shoulder tension, or low back pain. When the spine and posture are out of alignment, there is terrible strain on spinal joints. If this problem is left uncorrected, it can lead to more serious health problems like numbness, tingling, pain that travels, etc.

Poor posture is also linked to oxygen levels in the body. Try this test. Allow yourself to slouch and take a deep breath in without changing your slouched position. Now sit up straight and take in another breath. There is a 30% difference between the amount of air your lungs can take in. When someone’s spine is misaligned, without even knowing it, there may be an appreciable decrease in oxygen intake. This is linked to concentration, energy levels, organ function, joint inflammation, to name a few.

I want you to do me a favour. Target those people you know whom you think have notable postural imbalances and ask them if they are suffering. Ask them if they have pain or health concerns. 9 time out of 10 they will respond with a yes. They need to get their spine checked by a qualified Chiropractor who can help!