A trained eye easily spots the relatively frequent occasions in which a football or soccer player comes off the field after a trauma or collision and immediately receives a Chiropractic adjustment right on the sidelines. Most North American professional and amateur sports teams employ a team Chiropractor who works directly with the athletes on a regular basis throughout the season. Chiropractic definitively helps athletes recover quicker and more holistically after encountering the traumas that accompany both practice and competitions.

Most of the greatest benefits achieved with Chiropractic adjustments go well beyond the alleviation of pain in the back, neck, or extremities. Many photographs capture Usain Bolt, the fastest person in the world, receiving Chiropractic care during warm ups or shortly before competition. Bolt and other athletes representing the highest levels of worldly competition make Chiropractic care a staple of their training regimen. Golfers, basketball players, wrestlers, and athletes in virtually every sport utilize the unique benefits of Chiropractic care. In addition to improving motion and reaction time, Chiropractic adjustments also aid in recovery and allow athletes to push themselves in training sessions to achieve greater gains in preparation for the spotlight of competition. Coaches in all sports love Chiropractic because they know that Chiropractic care helps their athletes prevent injury and recover more fully and quickly.

Other benefits of regular Chiropractic adjustments include improved nervous system function, mobility, balance, and reaction time. These assets help maximise athletic performance in professional and recreational competitors. A study published in 2015 split a group of female athletes into two groups. One group received specific adjustments to areas of misalignment in the pelvis. The other group received functional muscle stretching to relieve soft tissue imbalances in the lower back. The results showed that elite female athletes receiving a Chiropractic adjustment to their pelvis experienced an increase in vertical jump height when compared to a control group. The group receiving additional stretching exhibited no change in vertical jump height while the group that received Chiropractic spinal adjustments experienced an average increase of 3.6 centimeters to their vertical jump height. Evidence continues to accumulate mirroring previous research showing that Chiropractic adjustments unlock kinetic potential in the body.

Chiropractors do not seek to treat a condition, pain, or vertical jump height impairment. The purpose of Chiropractic adjustments focuses on restoring motion in the bones and joints of the spine. By improving movement and joint integrity, the health of nervous system impulses from brain to body improve due to the intimate connection between the spine and the brain. Appropriate alignment and movement in the spine alleviate pressure and negative feedback into and out of the brain. The brain better perceives internal and external needs as the spine becomes more well-adjusted. Every athlete of every level of competition, both professional, and recreational, deserves to understand the positive impact of whole-body health which comes from Chiropractic care. Access to regular spinal adjustments improves function and performance. Unlock greater potential with Chiropractic


*J Phys Ther Sci. 2015 Jan;27(1):251-3. The influence of pelvic adjustment on vertical jump height in female university students with functional leg length inequality.