Millions of people suffer from headaches regularly. They are among the most common complaint prompting people to treat themselves or seek help. Oftentimes sufferers feel pain behind the eyes, in the temples, or at the base of the skull. Many sufferers experience pain radiate up from the neck and shoulders and feel that their head is almost too heavy to hold up. A cervicogenic headache is a type of headache caused by stress in the structures of the neck and can create all these symptoms.

Your neck should have a natural, forward curve, allowing your spinal cord to be in a relaxed position. In this position, the spinal joints experience less strain and the neck muscles don’t have to pull as hard. Sometimes this curve is lost due to poor posture, childhood falls, car accidents, or other daily stresses. If this curve is lost, the spinal cord becomes stretched, the joints in the neck become restricted, muscles become tight and sore, and pain is referred to the pain sensitive membranes covering the brain.

True relief comes from returning the spine to its normal alignment, restoring the neck curve and taking undue stress off the nerves, joints, and muscles.