As we all know, time takes a toll on our bodies which ultimately affects our state of health and wellness. From one year to the next we may not see the overt, obvious signs that our bodies are slowly creeping towards a lower state of health but consider the following:

We usually think of our brain as the master control center, sending messages down our spinal cord and nerve pathways out to every tissue, gland, muscle, and organ. But, did you ever stop and think there is also a barrage of information that constantly travels from all parts of our body back up to the brain? It is a two way street. Consider things such as great coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, strength and full ranges of movement. Most of these things we don’t take notice of until they are gone.

What happens if this peripheral information coming into the spinal cord starts to slow down, gets interrupted or interfered? The answer is we start to show our age and our movement, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility etc. deteriorates. The nervous system starts shutting down and slowly leads to deficits in the quality of our lives. The sad fact is misalignments in the spine can put stress on the nervous system and cause this process to begin years before the actual signs appear. The question is, wouldn’t it be a wise thing to find out if you had misalignments in your spine early on in life, long before your body started showing the symptoms of nerve pressure?

Our bodies have the amazing capacity to regenerate, renew and repair. If you have optimal nerve function and nerve flow then these 3 R’s can happen in an optimal way in your body.

It is time to reflect back on the year and ask ourselves, am I a healthier person than I was last year or has my health been on the decline? Maybe it’s the obvious symptoms like aches and pains, stiffness and soreness that were not there before or maybe it’s the not so obvious signs of diminished health, things like poor coordination, loss of flexibility, balance, strength and movement. Whatever the case, why not make this year, the year you get your spine and nervous system checked and get your health back on track?