A wide swing in the pendulum is occurring regarding healthcare in Ireland. I believe many of us are moving away from our present “sickness care” system (where we wait until illness strikes and then look to treat it with answers from outside our bodies), to a “wellness care” system, (where we work with the power the body has to heal itself with answers that are already inside our bodies). Think about it. We are taught, and most of us still believe, that our level of health and wellness can be measured by how we feel. I think this is one of the most dangerous misconceptions we have learned to accept. Aches, pain and symptoms, in general, are not an indication of disease. Nor is the lack of symptoms an accurate indication of health. Sickness such as cancer, heart disease and internal organ malfunction, to name a few, do not happen overnight. However, sometimes it appears so, because there are often no perceivable symptoms until the process has progressed to an advanced stage. Symptoms, or a lack thereof, are an unreliable method of verifying if your body’s communication pathways are clear and your body is functioning optimally. Vital nerve flow and communication pathways may be interrupted within your body by misalignments of the spine which can place damaging pressure on the nervous system. This can happen over extended periods of time without necessarily causing obvious signs and symptoms. Chiropractic doctors specialise in the detection and correction of this condition, which is referred to as vertebral subluxation .

Remember, every function in your body is under the TOTAL control of your nervous system, which must operate at 100% for optimal health. Establishing an uninterrupted nerve flow is the key to optimal healing. ANYTHING that interrupts the proper flow of electrical impulses from your brain to your body (through your nervous system) should set off loud, beeping alarms in the body, but it doesn’t, not until a certain amount of damage has already been accumulated. Wellness care focuses on re-establishing and enhancing the brain’s ability to communicate healing messages with the rest of the body before the the damage accumulates, unlike sickness care which focuses on subduing the aches, pains and symptoms and often not addressing the underlying cause. Which do you chose in your life?