In 1895, Daniel David Palmer delivered the first Chiropractic adjustment to a deaf janitor in Davenport, Iowa, leading to the restoration of his hearing. A flu pandemic occurred in 1918 which killed between 50 and 100 million people in a short period of time. Statistics reveal that those who received spinal adjustive care during the flu pandemic experienced 1/90th the death rate compared to those who did not receive spinal adjustments.

Research Validating that Brain Power is UNLOCKED through ChiropracticA judge from North Dakota evaluated and witnessed a group of institutionalised adults in 1935 before and after they had received Chiropractic care. Judge Ponath of North Dakota determined that a specific group of men were clinically insane and ordered them to be institutionalised. After undergoing long term Chiropractic care, they were ordered to be re-evaluated by the same judge. Judge Ponath determined that every single man no longer met the threshold for institutionalisation as determined by the same standards initially leading to their incarceration.

Mahatma Gandhi suffered from high blood pressure in 1942. The wise people of his village advised that a Chiropractor come live with him for three months. Gandhi experienced regular checkups and adjustments over those three months. Professionals determined that he no longer suffered from blood pressure problems at the end of the regimen.

These historically notable testimonies highlight a tiny fraction of power and influence of Chiropractic on millions of people in world history. Millions more people enter Chiropractic clinics all over the world today. Most of these people get their spine adjusted and begin to experience health benefits seemingly unrelated to the spine. Yet science explains the connection between the results in these historical stories and the adjustments that promote long term health in the spine and nervous system. The answer begins in the brain.

Extensive research validates the assertion that Chiropractic adjustments influence the brain and central nervous system. A 2019 randomised crossover study published in Brain Sciences, involved spinal manipulation of a group of people with subclinical neck pain to measure the influence triggered on the muscles and soft tissues around the elbow. The targeted muscle groups achieved greater strength following spinal manipulation. This improvement in strength following spinal manipulation may be caused by an increase in central neural drive. This facilitation of motor cortical output also suggests better brain to body connection for those receiving spinal manipulation / Chiropractic adjustments compared to those who did not. These results compound additional research over the last twelve years indicating that adjustments to the spine impact the influence of the brain throughout the entire body. Better technology allows for more scientific data to be collected which simply supports results-based evidence that began with D.D. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa, over 120 years ago. The spine houses the world’s most sophisticated super-computer. When freed from biomechanical dysfunction and less than optimal mobility, evidence, science, data, and research prove that the brain possesses the power to heal, restore, and maximise functional capacity within the body. Every man, woman, and child deserve to experience the power of Chiropractic.


Brain Sci. 2019 Jun 12;9(6). pii: E136. Increased Voluntary Activation of the Elbow Flexors Following a Single Session of Spinal Manipulation in a Subclinical Neck Pain Population.