Spine and nervous system stress exist in both children and adults. Children need the benefits of Chiropractic care as much as their parents. Chiropractors specialise in helping children and adults of all ages maximise their health by making sure the spine is aligned and moving appropriately. Health improves through gentle adjustments proven to improve the function of all cells and tissue by reducing interference in the central nervous system.

Some parents and health professionals question the need for children to utilize Chiropractic. Understanding the purpose behind Chiropractic and the benefits of an adjustment not only unlocks any misconceptions about Chiropractic care but also continues the Chiropractic pursuit of educating the public about health care. Chiropractors focus on restoring proper communication from the brain to all parts of the body by improving spinal health. Achieving spinal health requires proper structures, alignment, and movement. Control of the central nervous system directly relates to the health and condition of the spine. An unhealthy spine correlates to an unhealthy brain and central nervous system. The cells, tissues, and organs regulated by the central nervous system subsequently also become unhealthy. Age, gender, or genetic make-up have little to do with the health of the spine and nervous system. Altered brain and nervous system function due to abnormal spinal health has been proven to influence infants, children, and adults of all ages, genders, or genetics.

Numerous published studies link a connection between abnormal spinal health and decreased body function. From brain to digestion and breathing to immunity, every function in a baby, child, or adult relates to the health of the spine and nervous system. European research done in 2003 continued to change the perception about why infants and young children need Chiropractic. The research study evaluated the spinal health of 154 children that had an MRI. Of the 154 ten-year-old children evaluated, 14 of them had degeneration in at least one or more of their spinal discs. The study concluded that disc degeneration was present in 9% of 10-year-olds without any corresponding spinal pain or symptoms.

Chiropractic care serves as one of the most important health-acquiring strategies a parent can seek for their children. Improved brain control, body function, growth, learning, and concentration register as a few of the many side effects of Chiropractic. A healthy spine produces priceless value. Very few infants and toddlers live to be teenagers without experiencing abnormal spine and nervous system health. Chiropractors help millions of children achieve better spinal health and body function each week in offices around the world. Research continues to prove that the sooner the human body begins Chiropractic care, the sooner the body will ascend to maximum health potential.


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