The importance of the spine remains irrefutable in every laboratory, research center, doctor’s office, and hospital all over the world today. Unfortunately, most doctors remain unaware of the significant contribution the spine plays on overall health and function. Many of the unwanted symptoms people suffer from have a direct or indirect connection to the spine. The current medical research provides a thorough explanation for how the Chiropractic adjustment profoundly influences all aspects of human health and performance. And it’s all about the brain. An intimate connection exists between the health of the spine and the function of the brain. And as most people know, the brain directs all function of the body.

Dating back to the 1920s when Chiropractic was in its initial stages, the connection between the spine and entire body through the nervous system was widely debated. In the early 1920’s, a Medical Doctor by the name of Henry Winsor caught word that Chiropractic patients were experiencing significant health benefits with problems seemingly unrelated to the spine. Upon his investigation, Dr Winsor found that many Chiropractic patients were being told a Chiropractic adjustment could influence more than just their back. Concerned and skeptical with what he was hearing, Dr. Winsor set out to disprove the theory that a Chiropractic adjustment could influence any area of the body outside of the spine once and for all. So, he began his own research.

Dr Winsor figured that if he dissected the spines of the deceased and proved no correlation between the health of the spine and organ disease or dysfunction, he would put this entire theory to rest. So, he got access and permission to dissect and analyze the spines of 50 human cadavers. His findings sent shock waves throughout the medical profession.

Not only did Dr Winsor find a link between the health of the spine and function of organs, he noted a direct correlation between the recorded diseased organs and the alignment of their spine in that area. On assessment of 221 diseased organs, he found 212 links between a curvature of the spine in the area of the nervous system that controlled the diseased organs. In other words, whenever there was a diseased organ, there was a misalignment in the spine that controlled the nervous system function to that organ. These findings were revolutionary in understanding the explanation for why so many patients were experiencing health benefits and disease reduction to specific organs after starting to receive specific Chiropractic adjustments.  And after evaluating the 9 organ problems with no apparent relationship to the spine, it was determined that the connection was still present because the nervous system has multiple areas of the spine that influence organs. In the end, a 100% correlation occurred between the abnormal alignment and condition of a specific area of the spine and the nervous system that supplied the corresponding organ.

In the end, the same doctor that set out to debunk the truth about Chiropractic and its influence on organ function proved the opposite. Chiropractic helps family members of all ages restore their health and get their life back without the use of drugs or surgery. And even up until today, this study serves an important role to help explain the necessity for all family members to receive regular spine and nervous system evaluations all throughout life to achieve an increased health expression.


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