Are aches and pains holding you back from your favorite activity? Whether it’s hurling, football, golf, jogging, or hill walking, many people are held back because of pain. Often that means reducing the time spent participating per week. Or sometimes it means taking painkillers or anti-inflammatories before or after you play, just to get by for the time being. Either way, we all hope those aggravating pains will go away so we can one day fully enjoy our sports and activities.

Unfortunately, short-term solutions in a bottle are often sought without trying to understand what the REAL cause is. Or we just “live with it.” But with the right guidance, the cause can be quite easy to understand.

Pain anywhere in the body is always related to nerve irritation. It’s like having a pebble in your shoe. You could take medication to numb the pain, or you could just endure it endlessly. But these are only short-term, frustrating solutions that won’t fix or cure the underlying problem. Have you ever thought that maybe there’s a way to remove the pebble entirely?

Chiropractic works because it focuses on removing the nerve irritations in the body, wherever they may be. Living with pain or taking drugs to reduce the pain “for now” is no long-term solution and can have a damaging effect on your health over time.

Why let pain hinder your fitness goals for 2005? Why just “live with it”? Why not seek an effective, natural, long-term solution? Chiropractic may be the answer for you!