People spend millions of euros every year pursuing ways to help improve strength, balance, and coordination. These functions do not only represent the goals of world class athletes. Muscular stability and equilibrium empower people of all ages trying to maximise performance as well as provide safety and security which help mitigate the damage of falls for children and those advancing in age. One of the biggest reasons older adults conclude participation in physical activities or hobbies originates with fear of injury due to limited strength, mobility, and coordination.

Most doctors, therapists, and trainers believe that muscle size represents the predominant reason for lack of strength or increased muscle exhaustion. Many people do not know that strength has much more to do with the impulse radiating from nerve signals to muscles than the volume of muscle fibers or size of a muscle. One of the most important determinants of strength and endurance comes from the amount of electrical drive moving from the brain to the muscle. Research from 2015 demonstrated that people who received just one Chiropractic adjustment experienced increases in electrical muscle activity (maximum voluntary contraction) readings of almost 60% and strength measurements (absolute force) also increased by 16%.

No drugs or supplements specifically help an elderly individual increase strength, coordination, and balance. Some people make the valuable choice to begin weight training, movement programs, and better manage their weight. Too often the precautionary action taken by people afraid of serious, costly falls tends to be the limitation or conclusion of participation in activities and beloved hobbies.

Costly risks and dangers of falls include:

  • One out of every five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury
  • 3 million older people visit emergency facilities annually due to falls
  • Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds
  • 90% of hip fractures result from falls
  • Falls represent the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries
  • A third of people over age 65 fall annually, with about 10-15% of falls in the elderly resulting in fracture

Chiropractic adjustments improve communication between the nervous system and the body. Better central nervous system communication helps the brain become better aware of the body’s location and surroundings, improves strength to the muscles, and aids in coordination. All these qualities help individuals better move and function in order to fulfill their life’s work and pursuits. Many older folks simply desire the ability to play with grandkids, be active, participate in hobbies, and avoid falls in terrain or conditions off the beaten path.

The 2015 study determined that Chiropractic adjustments produced a 45% increase in the drive from the brain to the muscle. The degree and efficiency needed for the brain to activate specific muscles improved dramatically. Studies continue to provide evidence as to why every aging adult deserves the education and access to regular Chiropractic care. The threat of dangerous falls robs so many people of life quality and opportunity. Chiropractic adjustments restore possibilities and hope for a future filled with fulfilling activity.


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