We were all born with amazing capability. Our bodies were created to heal themselves. From the moment of our conception until we take our final breath, our bodies are constantly engaged in the process of renewal. This innate (inborn) function of regenerating life force is what I call “the healer within.”

It all begins with the brain.

The brain directs and controls the function of every function of the body. It sends its instructions, information and impulses through the spinal cord and nerves to every cell, organ and tissue.

Like a garden hose watering a garden, the spinal cord irrigates the body, via the nerves, with life-sustaining information from the brain. The uninhibited flow of this information keeps the body functioning in optimal health.

But through the course of everyday life, the nerves can become blocked. This could interrupt the brain-body connection and choke the electrical energy needed to sustain the body’s balance of health and well-being.

Imagine stepping on a garden hose. What happens to the flow of water? Now, think of your spinal cord and nerves. What would happen if the same type of pressure applied? The resulting pressure on the nerves and the spinal cord interrupts or stops the flow of information from your brain. Just like the garden hose needs water, your body’s cells need information from your brain to function correctly.

When misalignments in the spine, known as vertebral subluxations , cause interference between the brain and body, optimal health is compromised. The body experiences dis -ease. And, as it progresses, symptoms begin to appear. Often by the time you feel any physical symptoms, the disease has already progressed.

Chiropractors focus on maintaining wellness. Simply put, chiropractic could help sick people get well and prevent the healthy from getting sick.