Chiropractic provides safe and drugless solutions to many pains and health challenges experienced by military men and women. Chiropractic adjustments improve mobility in the spine and illicit a positive effect on the brain, nervous system, and autonomic organ function. Due to the plethora of various physical and emotional struggles that military men and women suffer from, few groups of people need Chiropractic more than those who fight for our freedom. Members of the armed forces sacrifice their body, and sometimes even their lives, for the freedom, security, and greater good of their country. They deserve the utmost care during their recovery from both physical and mental wounds.

Many members of the military do not have easy access to the drugless health options found through Chiropractic care. An enormous number of servicemen and women remain completely unaware that a drugless approach to recovery exists for their injuries and health challenges. Military personnel make a tremendous commitment and should have access to all modalities of healthcare that can potentially help. Tens of thousands of military men and women suffer from pain because of the physical training, emotional stress, and standard conditions and dangers required of their duties. No other profession directs more of their constituents to take prescription pain medications at a higher rate than the military. Opioids and pain-relieving chemicals go hand in hand with the physical demands of the job even though performance-enhancing options exist outside the realm of dangerous and addicting chemicals which cause long term damage to both body and mind. 

Law enforcement officers, teachers, and civic organizations promote the need for teens and young adults to resist taking drugs. Legal prescription drugs present just as much danger and damage to law abiding citizens who work hard and need long term health solutions. Dedicated service careers merit a conclusion which facilitates a high quality of life standard. Servicemen and women deserve alternative solutions for long term health care to prevent a pandemic of drug use and addiction for those returning to their families and other careers. The solution begins with awareness and availability. Enlisted and inactive servicemen and women deserve education on all evidence-based solutions to their long-term health care. The addictive nature of pain-relieving drugs makes it more important for family members and healthcare providers to encourage strategies and recommend resources which can minimize the necessity to consume drugs.

Low back and body pain make up the most common conditions service members of the military seek medical care. In addition, these conditions are the most likely to interrupt combat and other military duties. The most common medical therapies for military men and women with low back pain include NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), opioid drugs, spinal fusions, and epidural injections. Each of these interventions share an unacceptably high-risk which produces mediocre results. The opioid crisis creates an urgent need to evaluate cost-effective and low-risk non-pharmacological interventions. In May of 2018 the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) evaluated over 750 active duty U.S. service members with low back pain. The research shows Chiropractic delivers positive results to service members while mitigating the risks of dangerous drug use. The combination of low-risk pain relief and high patient satisfaction makes Chiropractic care a critical option when fighting opioid and drug risks which have plagued active and retired soldiers. Chiropractic provides a unique and effective solution which the men and women serving their country deserve.


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