It has been estimated that 80% of the population will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their lives. And many of these people will experience painful episodes that worsen over time. Spinal pain often begins after falls, car accidents, awkward twists, sporting injuries, lifting injuries, or any form of bodily impact. Although the pain may not seem severe at the time, these injuries leave spinal joints slightly displaced, which, over time, leads to long-term spinal and nerve damage. This weakness then comes back to haunt you any time your body is stressed or strained, because the underlying problem persists and enables further weakening. The longer the problem remains unchecked, the more IRREVERSIBLE the damage is!!

The worst thing you can do is to ignore the problem or accept a prescription of anti-inflammatories or painkilling drugs. Think about it. Why would you dump toxic chemicals into your body to mask pain and inflammation, which are a normal part of healing and repair? Why would you accept that? Your body now has two problems to deal with: the drug’s toxicity and the original misalignment injury which remains uncorrected, leaving you prone to more pain and nerve damage. It’s ridiculous, and yet most people I meet actually accept that!

If you are worried about your pain and no longer willing to pollute your body with the disturbing medical mask the real problem approach, consider the professional help of a highly qualified team of Chiropractors.