Studies show that today’s children experience more stress and anxiety than institutionalized psychiatric patients had in the 1950s. Stress registers at an all-time high across many age demographics and results in serious health consequences. One of the most troubling outcomes of stress materializes in the number of adults under the influence of anti-depressants and mind-altering anti-psychotic medications. Nearly one in four women over the age of 50 consumes anti-depressants while nearly 15% of the population relies on pharmaceutical antipsychotics. Astronomically high stress levels combine with performance pressures and lofty expectations to produce a growing faction of people near redlined with stress. A young generation of children bears witness to adults and parents needing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs to cope with daily pressures.

Chiropractors want to educate families on the physical, mental, and emotional dangers of a stress filled routine for both adults and children. The statistics empathically call for proactive solutions and strategies that mitigate and alleviate stress whenever possible. The medical system also needs to evaluate and implement practices and activities which do not come with huge risks of unnecessary harm through use of dangerous drugs. The least invasive tools and methods often provide the most powerful and lasting solutions. Chiropractic care offers a unique perspective and individualized care that helps curb the severity and course of depression, stress, and anxiety.

The brain consists of a part called the cerebellum located at the base of the skull. This critical component bears responsibility for posture, balance, coordination, and speech. The cerebellum also directs movement and contributes to emotions, limbic centers, and a person’s thought processes. Any activity, intervention, or treatment that influences the cerebellum will also influence many other aspects of the body’s well-being and function. Chiropractic helps men, women, and children of all ages with stress-related conditions because of an adjustment’s influence on the cerebellum.

Chiropractic adjustments unlock the innate intelligence that exists within every person. Removing stress from the spine allows the body to coordinate and communicate in a manner that adds quality and vitality to every member of the family. Higher stress means the body needs more effective and efficient means for coping with stress hormones. A study done in 2017 determined children under Chiropractic care for wellness experienced less depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain interference than children who did not receive care. Chiropractic adjustments pursue the health and wellness of the entire organism by focusing on the nervous system. Residual benefits which occur from the pursuit of spinal health include a reduction in depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Spinal health influences almost every aspect of organ health, mental health, and performance. Immobile or improperly positioned vertebra alters neural communication between the brain and the body. Doctors refer to the obstructions as subluxations. Subluxations interfere with the central nervous system and produce poor function and abnormal health. Subluxations operate like cavities and high blood pressure, causing extensive damage to the nervous system without the presence of symptoms and pain. The answer to the future of health rests in a proactive approach to the health of both adults and children. Physical and mental health cannot continue to be managed reactively using dangerous drugs and surgeries. No psychotropic drug provides health to adults or children. The best treatment plan for stress begins with eliminating stress before it starts. Proactive health and wellness with Chiropractic care provides a better defense against stress than any pill. Today’s children deserve a brighter tomorrow through a health care model rooted in Chiropractic.


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