Have you ever thought about what constitutes great health performance? Most people relate body performance to athleticism or being physically active, but true health performance comes down to the body’s chemistry.

Your body’s health performance depends upon the intricate coordination of millions of chemicals interacting to create specific functions carried out by your cells each second. The unity and coordination of this vast array of chemicals is controlled by the nerve supply from your brain. If these nerve messages travelling throughout your nervous system become blocked or interfered with, the chemistry of your body begins to change. As a result, the cells become confused and dysfunctional, causing the body’s health performance to suffer.

From the onset of nerve interference, it usually takes quite a bit of time before one starts to feel the effects of the altered body’s chemistry. Some of the common effects people can experience are: chronic tiredness, sleeping problems, pain anywhere in the body, stiff and aching joints, irritability, digestive problems, weakened immunity, sinus and allergy problems, headaches, etc . And yet, most people don’t relate these effects to their overall body chemistry.

Now you are probably wondering what causes the nerve messages to become blocked in your body. The bones of your spine are meant to be in perfect, optimal alignment because they house a huge nerve tract that connects your brain to your body. When the spinal alignment is lost, it exerts pressure on this nerve tract and blocks those electrical messages which govern the chemistry of your body. The bottom line? Improper spinal alignment = nerve interference = poor chemistry = poor health performance.

By gently restoring the spine’s alignment for our patients, we have the honor of witnessing thousands of family’s health performance improve. Maybe it’s time for your spinal check-up?